August 7th, 2011

Here You are very welcome to leave your feedback about an experience you had visiting our place! Both negative and positive comments are more than welcome, as we are always improving – trying to make ROYAL the best of its kind! Thank You in advance!

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63 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. M. Says:

    2 days in heaven!

  2. Simon Says:

    Was very surprised to find a place like that in Riga! Highly recommend! The girls were just gorgeos!
    Best wishes from Estinia!

  3. John W. Says:

    Perfect stag! Thank you Riga!

  4. David Says:

    My friends told me about Royal and I wanted to check it out, what can I say, it is a very nice place where anyone can find anything he likes. Definitely will be back !

  5. Jessy Says:

    Vicky I love you! :))) See you all in November!

  6. Hen Says:

    Small but very cosy place! Good location! Love it!

  7. Baki Says:

    2 days in heaven? I hope that you want more than 2 days in heaven it is possible..Leave the crime and serve God! 

  8. Sony Says:

    We did a reservation, but when we came it was very busy, was not even place to sit! What point in making reservations then? Stupid!

  9. Edward Says:

    Very good place! Not like any others in Riga! Highly recommend to visit! Not like a club, but not like a bar… Something perfect between both! 🙂

  10. Brett Says:

    Stag heaven! 🙂

  11. Alex Says:

    Not bad!

  12. Tom Says:


  13. Montana Says:

    Royal rocks! Good place!

  14. Antony Says:

    Been there with my girlfriend, she liked it even more ))

  15. Burm48 Says:

    very nice club, i undoubtedly enjoy your place, maintain on it!

  16. Saitek Says:

    Greetings from Ohio!

  17. abc Says:

    Hot point! Big thank for the good time!

  18. Bartley Says:

    Great to see place like that and get big with some dance experts like Marry Slap 😀

  19. Mateusz Says:

    Great place, had a good time there! May be a bit pricey, but you can get a big discount if you try!

  20. Joël Marques Says:

    Great place, great staff & great food !
    Can’t wait the expansion on the first floor

  21. Blackhat Says:

    Chaque week-end j’ai les yeux qui brille.

  22. Patricia Says:

    Not bad ! 🙂
    If I’d be a guy, I’d be there more often…

  23. Bennie Alamin Says:

    The Best place at Riga ! The hottest & beautiful girls in town. A Best staff… Welcome in my House !!!!

  24. Jonas Says:

    Hi! Nice place, good managers! Thanks for everything!

  25. Cedric Green Says:

    Only reason they didn’t get 5 stars there to small

  26. PatriciaTany Says:

    very recommended, the price on all drinks are superb! try tiger cocktail :))))) ! get down there and have a few laughs!

  27. Scott Ian Says:

    Well…. I went there expecting to see some action… But i loved the girls and dj!

  28. Greyson Tomas Says:

    This is our absolute favorite spot when we come to Riga! Topnotch service and fun! Been going here since it’s first day of business and have always enjoyed the drinks and atmosphere!

  29. Zdeněk Jonáš Says:

    Super club,výborná společnost,výborný výběr rumu a vín

  30. Velazquez Says:

    Loved the cocktails but our waitress cared more about talking to her coworkers in the hallway than genuinely checking on us. Had to ask other workers for help when we needed something. Overall 4 stars!

  31. Joni Chanthasene Says:

    I miss this place, I went there twice, reasonable pricing, best service, social-able, fun, great show and performers!

  32. Роман Says:

    На удивление очень хорошее место! Много читал плохих комментариев о таких местах в Риге, но здесь все оказалось на удивление на высоком уровне. Красивые прибалтийские девушки, достаточно высокие цены, но наверно для такого рода мест это нормально. 4+

  33. Ignacio Parra Says:

    Phat asses and bigass titties! Bitches know how to twerk up in this club! Girls be going wild on that pole..

  34. Derek Forreal Says:

    Fucking Awesome! Words cannot describe how amazing this club is! Rig’s best kept secret for sure!! Love this place!

  35. Frank Alvarez Says:

    Amazing GC!! true hidden gem, staff is very polite an girls are very attractive

  36. Alex Salinas Says:

    Looks Ghetto on the Outside, but Once you go in you wont want to come out. Girls are really attractive , and nice .

  37. Esteban Ayala Says:

    Nice place nice girls but kind of expensive

  38. Raymond Says:

    Had Some Great Times Here haha all the girls are awesome

  39. Bryon Says:

    This place was wonderful to take my business partners for a great time with even better buffet. The gals were so helpful and friendly not to mention the drink specials.

  40. Dean Namiot Says:

    One of the most upscale clubs around. If you want to see some gourgous women, visit the club, you won’t be disappointed.

  41. Jose Borrero Says:

    I like royal the only thing is the ladys need to stop talking abt there life don’t get me wrong its nice to hear but when I go in to royal I just wanna have a cpl of beers n cpl of lap dance n not hear abt there story of why they began dancers

  42. Matthew Craig Brinsmead Says:

    I have not been…but,after reading the reviews, I certainly want to make a huge effort to get there sometime soon!!! Looks like a good night of fun and good girls! What is the entrance fee?

  43. Jeff Small Says:

    Great looking girls. They are also very nice.

  44. Vone Shay Lee Says:

    OK I was at this Club on Thursday and had a horrible time I went in to see my favorite girl who is very sweet, and this other girl named Zoe followed us to our table and would not leave even after myself and the girl I was with asked her to leave, she still refused to leave she was very rude and kept trying to get me to get a drink for her. The girl I was with had to go get a manager well when she went to get a manager that when Luscious FINALLY walked away.

  45. James Morton Says:

    It’s str8 go through there i promise you,you gonna have a good time

  46. Hunk Says:

    Went here with my friend for his 24th birthday, as we are both from Europe and we have never been to a gentlemen’s club we were a little hesitant to what to expect and worried that we wouldn’t have a good time as we were just two.. I just want to say that we had the most awesome time, we arrived at 9ish and didn’t end up leaving until closing time. The girls were really nice and super hot!! We will definitely be visiting as soon as we’re back in Riga! Definitely was the highlight of our trip!!

  47. Puty Says:

    The girls are great and they play really good hip hop. Super fun environment. Went for a Bachelorette party, much better than doing one of the cheesy overpriced female review shows. Grab your boys, don’t forget your dollars. Make it rain…the girls work hard for the money!!!

  48. John Gordon Says:

    Decided to try something new for my bachelorette party and we had a blast!!

  49. Chester Glenn Says:

    Kinda of dead when I got there. Most of the ddancers were “average” in looks and build. Got a couple of dances from “Cristina,” which were very good. Was not there long but the guys at the door, the wait staff, and the 2 dancers I talked to were very friendly.

  50. Romeo Martin Ryan Says:

    Damn place is sick tho, good women an awesome vibe an kick as music had a blast there twice way better than other strip joints.

  51. Joshua Alvirde Says:

    Love this place best nite club ever haha hope to see more new dancer’s to come by mmmmm

  52. Angel Farias Says:

    Great Club Atmosphere, The Staff is friendly. Never have to worry about your safety.

  53. Star Hatch Says:

    The staff and dancers at Royal far exceeded the reputation I had been given. The staff being both accommodating and friendly made me feel welcome. To the point I felt like an old friend dropping by for a visit. The girls were exceptionally talented and personally found them to be impossibly beautiful. They were friendly and engaging and made me feel special. The drinks were reasonably priced as are the private dances. And all in all the evening and time flew too quickly. My only complaint is now I’m left counting down the days till I can return to the city to visit them again. Hands down best experience I’ve ever had.

  54. Greg Paul Sooley Says:

    ROyal is the best , the staff and Management will go out of there way . To give you the best time of your life. The ladies that work there , they are alll smoken hot sexy gorgeous beautiful Goddesses . Do i need to say more, just get your ass down there. I promise you , you won’t be disappointed.

  55. Janis Says:

    Local. Been to them all. Best by far in every aspect. Girls are beautiful, drink prices aren’t bad for Old Riga.

  56. ÅGOT Says:

    Hi! I am from Norway, we and my friends came to Riga for our bachelor party. Actually didn’t book a table, taxi driver recommended to us this place, and we get there ocassionally. Entrance was 20 Eur with a free shot Vodka. Was rather crowdy at the moment, as the club is not big. But finally we get our table. Everything was really good, it was my second experince in the places like that, so i would say it was good enought! If you in Riga and looking for a good time and good show on the stage, definetely worth it!

  57. Rob Roy Hardie Says:

    By far the best Gentlemen’s club in Riga. Friendly hosts and wait staff made sure that I have had an incredible experience time and time again. Kristina is a congenial host and helped find me perfect company for the evening time and time again. This is a perfect night out. I’ve gone with friends and even with my girlfriend. A cut above average-especially the Hosts and smoking hot VIP waitresses.

  58. Dave Says:

    Great venue, good girls and safe place

  59. Andris Says:

    Very nice.

  60. Mick Says:

    Many thanks extremely entertaining. Will certainly be back with my pals.|

  61. Azim Says:

    Surprisingly good club, visit was very satisfiing to me and others, please just keep it up … Good luck! 🙂

  62. Jimmi Says:

    Real fun time at the best strip clubs in Riga. They’ll get you to the club in a limo or party bus from anywhere and hook you up with some free drinks. I If you’re trying to find the best strip club in Riga you should call them, they’ll help you out!

  63. Bugg Says:

    You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a

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